Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Construction Zone Mini-Golf - A Review

Construction Zone Mini-Golf is an indoor putt-putt course with 18 construction themed holes located off of Ewing Street near Rockford. It is the big orange building that used to house Spencers and was most recently a Church. They opened in October 2009 but my family and I didn't get a chance to visit until recently. Every time we drove by on our way out of town we would say we wanted to try it out but it just kept slipping our minds when the time came. Unfortunately the same thing happens with Rockford Ridge (formerly Rockford Place). Why is it that a lot of us forget about the businesses that are anywhere but along the main drag of Tipton Street? It's a shame really because I must tell you we had a blast at Construction Zone. I personally loved the atmosphere from the sign above the entrance blessing all who entered to the friendly and helpful staff. Rates were reasonable at $6 per person. Each hole was sponsored by a local construction company and featured items you might see at one of their sites. There were signs naming the various companies and their phone numbers hanging on the walls. Many I hadn't heard of before so this was surely a win/win situation. Very clever, I think! The holes were challenging enough for my husband and I but not too difficult for my 6 year old. We ordered pizza from Brooklyn Pizza Company and they delivered it within 30 minutes which was perfect timing as we were about halfway through the course. We took a break and had some pizza (which was delicious I might add). My son was so excited to get to the 18th hole because you get a cool free t-shirt if you made a hole in one. None of us were able to get a hole in one but my son insisted on buying a t-shirt for $10. It was a neat neon green-yellow color. (see pic. Please note that kool-aid stains are not included and added post purchase..lol) It would look great under a black light! Actually, I told my husband that if they made it a cosmic course it might really make it an even better experience. I am so glad that Seymour has a wonderful place like Construction Zone now!

For Hours and more information, check out their website at http://www.constructionzoneminigolf.com/home.html

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